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Portable Power Station

The global attention on clean energy and the trend of outdoor lifestyle has driven the development of portable power station. TWS Technology has independently developed its portable power station with the features of triple protection, fast charge, high performance and convenient operation, which can provide power supply of outdoor activities and emergency rescue.

TWS’s portable power station has built-in high energy density lithium-ion battery, with long cycle life. Its multi-function output ports can provide power supply for various devices, including mobile phones, computers, drones, photography equipment, lighting, mobile medical device and other equipment. With the advantages of large capacity, high power, safe and portable, it can provide efficient and convenient green energy for multiple scenarios.



Outdoor Activities:?To meet all the needs of electrical power in outdoor leisure activities, including camping, RV touring, fishing, hunting, etc.

Emergencies:?To solve the problems of power shortage and power outage in the areas where earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods and other disasters occur.


Product Features

1.Technology-driven innovation & inheritance

?? ??Integrated single inverter and bidirectional converter fast charging inverter

?????Over 20 years of lithium battery technology heritage

2.?High safety features with triple protection

?????Triple 15 hardware and software protection, ensuring electricity safety

3.Quality assurance with global certifications

?????Several safety designs, up to UL2743 standard

?????Meet global certification requirements

4.Fast charge

?????High-power charging adapter, up to 200W solar charging

?????Multiple charging methods by mains electricity, solar panels, car port.

5.Multiple output ports for diversified use

?????Double AC 600W sine wave output; PD60W max DC output

6.Efficient conversion and durable storage

?????96% of battery discharge efficiency

?????50,000 hours of storage with continuous power

7.Safe and reliable materials

?????Automotive grade cell; 94V0 fireproof material; HD LCD display

8.Intelligent temperature control

?????Saving energy and with excellent heat dissipation and low noise

9.Independent design and portable use

?????Simple and sleek minimal design with independent design patent

?????Built-in handle and silicone strip design, more convenient for outdoor activities

Why TWS?

  • Over 20 years of experience in lithium battery industry, with mature experience and research results in BMS field; owning a global sales and technical service network, and rich supply chain integration resources in lithium battery field.

  • With mature and professional automatic production technology, ensuring product reliability and consistency.

  • Having a professional R&D team, focusing on the development and research of lithium battery packing /BMS (battery), power frequency conversion technology (discharge), solar power generation charging technology (charge), lithium cell, etc.

  • With a complete and efficient operation system for the production and quality control of portable power station.