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Lithium-ion is the best-known storage technology today, TWS has been building integrated battery systems for over 20 years. The same degree of expertise, quality control and technological innovation is used in our process of developing high-performance ESS batteries for the residential and commercial use. State of the art battery system designed for efficiency and long life.
TWS provides modules solutions with both standard and customized module design for many years with significant volumes supplied to automotive customers. TWS offers battery modules with or without BMS and option for local assembly, and flexibility in battery pack design with cost advantages.
TWS provides best cost performance full battery solutions for eMobility to fulfill numerous applications including electric bicycles, pedelecs, electric scooters and electric motorcycles globally. Experienced in the joint development of BMS, hardware and software solutions.
Material Handling
TWS is a pioneer in suppling eForklift batteries with Li-ion technology to penetrate the current lead acid dominated segment, Our customized 24V plug & play universal battery with the advantages of easy maintenance, long service hour, low degradation, reduce total cost of ownership and quick charge technology is available.
Vacuum Cleaners
Modern lifestyles created the huge demand in cordless vacuum cleaning and robotic cleaning machines. At TWS, our vision is to Create A Better Life For People and this translates into the design and manufacturing of the power source into the household appliances. TWS's technology team works to outplace the previous design versions in order to stay on top of new solutions; providing a variety of reference designs for customer adaptation that will reduce design cycle times, but yet still provide high quality.
eCall (Battery for Telematics System)
TWS's eCall battery solutions with full range of cell selections. The robust design features and high-performance and high-stability cell solution is second to none.
Industrial Handhelds
TWS had reliable and ruggedly design battery packs for harsh environment challenges, optional added-value features with Intrinsic Safe, Communications, NFC, e-Ink Display and Wireless Charging capabilities.
Portable Power Station
Safe, fast charge, compact and high energy density smartphone battery. Superior stable quality level by automated manufacturing process.
With an ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility, TWS's rigorous, in-house vertically integrated approach serves as the basis to meet these standards, ensuring that your medical products are reliable and safe.
Technical Competencies

TWS owns extensive cell and battery expertise,  comprehensive design capability,  spirit of Innovation and fully integrated end-to-end product development capability, to provide high-valued battery solutions to numerous industries.

Advanced Manufacturing

TWS has multiple manufacturing facilities with operational excellence and agility. They located strategically in Guangzhou, Huaibei, Xuyi and Jakarta. These manufacturing sites have highly differentiated advanced manufacturing capability to deliver the best quality, fastest delivery, and lowest cost to our customers through the adoption of TWS Operating System to pursue premier performance at the world-class level. Our operational excellence is a simple philosophy rooted in customer-facing priorities: Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Innovation.